La Cite Universitaire de Geneve - a big village for 850 residents of 95 nationalities !

History of the Cité

More than 50 years of service for our students

The Construction of the Cité Universitaire

Born out of the initiative of the Former Students' Association - fathered by their president at the time, Jean-Aimé Baumann - who wanted to make the wish of the General Association of Students come true. The "Cité Universitaire" of Geneva, founded with the financial help of both private and public investors, was inaugurated in November 1963.

Buildings A and B have been built by the architects E. Martin and L. Payot, carrying out the Cité's instigators' projects and by Ed. ZurKirch for the Cité Universitaire II (building C), that opened October 1st , 1986. The complex is made up of a fourteen floors tower (building A) comprising some two hundred rooms for students; one seven floors building (building B) offering thirty two couples' studios, several children's rooms and over one hundred and twenty rooms for students. A third building - Cité Universitaire II (building C) - holds 3, 4 and 5 rooms appartments that can accommodate 130 residents and some ten children.

Buildings A and B offer several common areas encouraging the development of recreational and cultural activities. The two buildings are linked by a self-service restaurant and a lounge: the Common Room. And lastly, the "Cité Bleue" Theatre, (formerly known as Patiño Hall) holds a multipurpose room of three hundred and thirty seats and an exhibition hall of 300 m2. The Cité has been built on a 2 hectare parcel, property of the State of Geneva, granted for a period of ninety nine years in terms of surface rights.

The construction of buildings A and B has mainly been financed by private donations. Thanks to a large donation from the Patiño Foundation, the construction of the theater was made possible. Since 1996, it has been known as the Cité Bleue Theater.