La Cite Universitaire de Geneve - a big village for 850 residents of 95 nationalities !


A few words about the Foundation of the Cité Universitaire

Under the initiative of the Former Students' Association and their president at the time, Jean-Aimé Baumann, the Cité Universitaire of Geneva was founded with the financial help of both private and public investors. Its goal was then to compensate the lack of accommodation and to offer students the opportunity of a fulfilling community life in an atmosphere suitable for their studies. inaugurated on November 24, 1963, the Cité still fulfils its role, as it now accommodaties more than 600 university students from all around the world, representing seventy to eighty different nationalities.

Located on the Plateau de Champel, the Cité Universitaire of Geneva is articulated into three residential buildings, of which two built in 1963 (Cité I) include individual accommodation (rooms and studios), and a third built in 1986 (City II) hosting apartments that can be shared by four people.

Inside the area, various facilities offer a dynamic welcome, promote exchange between residents and allow the Cité to be open to the outside world. In addition to a spacious garden, visitor will find a cafeteria also used as a school dinig hall, a theater (Cité Bleue), a laundry room, a grocery store, an Internet area, sports facilities (sports hall, open tennis courts and a gym, run by the University Sports Department), a photo club and a community center ( the Arcade 46).

The Foundation of the Cité Universitaire of Geneva is the owner and manager of this building complex.

It is an institution of private law that was founded on July 1, 1954. The Foundation is non-profit and the following goals are mentioned in Articles 3 and 5 of their statutes:

Article 3

The Foundation aims to:

1. examine the construction of a Ctié Universitaire by conducting all investigations and studies it deems necessary;

2. build a Cité Universitaire;

3. ensure its operation.

The Foundation is non-profit.

Article 5

The wealth of the Foundation is meant for the acquisition, construction and operation of buildings required to achieve the goal of the Foundation.

The supreme body of the foundation is the Board of Trustees, which is structured as follows (Article 7 of the statutes):

Article 7

The supreme body of the Foundation is the Board of Trustees, which is formed of thirteen members and organized as follows:

a) the rector of the University, who is a rightful member of the Board;

b) six members appointed freely by the Conseil d'État;

c) two members appointed by the Conseil Administratif of the City of Geneva;

b) two members appointed by the Conseil d'État based on the Rector's proposal;

e) a student residing at the Cité Universitaire, appointed by the Conseil d'État based on a proposal from the Cité Residents' Association;

e) a student appointed by the Conseil d'État based on a proposal from the University Assembly.

At least eight of the thirteen members of the Council must be academic (registered, graduate or working at the University of Geneva).

The Foundation benefits from a service contract (2008-2011) with the State of Geneva (DCTI - Department of Construction and Information Technology) and receives an operating grant. The parcel on which the Cité has been built has been granted by the State of Geneva in terms of surface rights.

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