La Cite Universitaire de Geneve - a big village for 850 residents of 95 nationalities !

Eco Cité

We try to reduce our impact on the environment

Panneaux solaire

Solar panels: March 21, 2001

To promote and implement sustainable development in our institution, we adopted in the Spring of 2001, a water preheating system for the buildings of the Cité I. Thus by restricting air pollution, we obtained an important decrease of non-renewable energy consumption (heating gas).

Mobility CarSharing Switzerland: June 2006

Mobility provides you with 2,500 vehicles, parked in 1,250 locations throughout Switzerland, 24/7.

  • Mobility station at the Cité Universitaire (in front of the Bus no 3 terminus). Type "1206" in the "Lieu" field of the Mobility web site. Learn more
  • Website:

Waste sorting/recycling: September 2009

  • You can find waste sorting containers on each floor of buildings A, B and C, for the following material: glass, aluminium and tinplate, PET and paper.
  • Batteries are collected at the Reception.
  • The above types of waste should not be disposed of in the kitchen bins.
  • Those who wish to go further can put the compost (peelings, organic waste) in the green container behind Building A.
  • Practical info : here

Lighting of the common rooms: 2008 and 2010

  • December 2008: installation of motion detectors and twilight sensors in front of bulding A elevators
  • August 2010: as part of the éco21 programme ( of the SIG (Geneva Industrial Services), we changed the lights of the emergency exits for buildings A, B and C, lights on the lower-ground floor of buildings A and B as well as in front of building B elevators.

Thermal envelope of buildings A and B: 2010

Building A window breasts (after)

Building A window breasts (before)

  • Summer 2010: as part of the renovation of the window breasts' structure (exterior glass panels under the windows) of buildings A and B, the Foundation decided to chang e t he existing thermal insula tion materials to mineral wool.
  • Fall 2010 and Winter 2010-2011: the stairwell of Building A has been completely renovated and single glazed windows have been replaced by double glazing, contributing to a  better building insulation. 
    Building A renovated stairwell Building A stairwell with scaffolding