La Cite Universitaire de Geneve - a big village for 850 residents of 95 nationalities !

General information

Life at the Cité

General Information

Life on floors


General information


  • Reception is opened daily; please refer to the timetable posted at the counter.
  • At the Reception, among other things, you can find telephone cards and public transport travel passes (TPG - Geneva Public Transport), or pay your rent.
  • Various grills, fondue pots and raclette ovens as well as ping-pong paddles are available for rent at the Reception.
  • Access for the disabled only at the Reception.

Inventory (cf Cité Regulations and rental procedure (Règlement de la Cité et usages locatifs)


  • A room inventory will be conducted in your presence upon check-in. If you haven't been able to make an appointment at the moment of your arrival, please refer immediately to the Reception to fix a date.
  • Check-out inventory will take place when you move out. If the check-in inventory hasn't been conducted, we will consider to have given you a room in good condition. You will therefore be charged for any damage recorded upon check-out inspection.


  • Rent is due by the 10th of each month, for the current month.
  • In the absence thereof, a reminder will be sent to you including administative fees.
  • The right is reserved to terminate the rental agreement for failure to pay rent.


  • Residents must have a Civil Liability insurance (RC - Responsabilité Civile) covering any personal or material damage.
  • In the absence thereof, residents will be covered by our collective insurance for a yearly fee of CHF 33.- (valid through the 31st of August). Contractual deductible per claim is of CHF 200.-


Smoking is forbidden in all common areas of the Cité Universitaire.

Loss of keys/badge

  • In case you lose your keys, you can get a new set at the Reception for CHF 150.- (badge CHF 15.-).
  • You will be charged for any necessary change of locks.
  • When reception is closed and in case of any key/badge loss, the watchman can be reached by calling 2239.

Additional bed

It is possible at the appropriate rate and depending on the maximum room capacity.

Regulations for short-term guests. >Download pdf

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Life on floors


  • Buildings A and B: single rooms with a bed, a desk with drawer and key, an occasional folding table, a chair and a stool. Storage (wardrobe) and shelves. Washbasin in the room with mirror. Average room size: 12 m2.
  • Building C: single rooms with a bed, a desk and a chair. Storage (wardrobe) and shelves. Average room size: 12 m2.


  • Buildings A and B for couples: large bedroom, kitchenette (fridge, oven, hot plates, no microwave or kettle), bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. Furniture: 2 single beds, storage space, table with chairs and a desk. Average room size: 32 m2. TV socket but no television.
  • Buildings A and B for single person: large bedroom, kitchenette (fridge, oven, hot plates, no microwave or kettle), bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. Furniture: 1 bed, storage space, table with chairs and a desk. Average room size: 28 m2. TV socket but no television.
  • Tableware and kitchen utensils available for rent at the Reception.


  • Residents have access to common kitchens (A and B: for 16 people) and should bring their own equipment and their own food.
  • You will be held responsible for any damage caused to furniture or appliances. Also, do not hesitate to call for assistance if you do not understand how a device works (hot plates, microwave or oven).
  • No microwave in Building C
  • Instructions on how to behave to prevent fire are displayed behind the doors of every kitchen.
  • Thank you for reading carefully and please follow the instructions contained therein.
  • We ask you to remember to turn off the heating plates after use and not to leave a switched on hot-plate unattended. We also remind you to never throw water on burning oil, but to smother the flames with a towel or any other piece of fabric instead.
  • Kitchens where the dishes have not been put away will not be cleaned.


Building A and B:

  • The doors of the fridge rooms must be locked.
  • You will receive, after paying a fee at the Reception, a key that you can keep for the duration of your stay.
  • For floors A 8 (even), A 9 (odd) and B 3, the code of the door can be obtained at the Reception.

Building C:

  • Fridges in the kitchen


  • The rooms have casement windows that can be opened inward both horizontally and vertically.
  • Please refer to the diagram provided with each room to avoid damage while opening the windows.
  • Any damage will be charged.


  • The thermostat should be set on 3 for optimal heating.

Waste sorting/recycling

  • You can find waste sorting containers on each floor of buildings A, B and C, for the following type of material: Glass (please rinse before disposal), aluminum, PET, paper.
  • Batteries are collected at the Reception.
  • The above types of waste should not be disposed of in the kitchen bins.
  • Those who wish to go further can put the compost (peelings, organic waste) in the green container behind Building A. >Download pdf (in French)

Internet access for residents and short-time guests (CITEU)

  • Access  available for residents and short-time guest

Display cases and website

There, you will find all official and important information concerning the Cité Universitaire.

Phone booths and phones on the floors

  • Location of public phones booths: building A (4th and 8th Floor), building B (ground and fourth floor), building C (ground floor)
  • Phones can be found on all floors.
  • It is allowed to call 0800 numbers.
  • A list of emergency numbers can be found next to each phone.

Floor or building parties

In case of need of logistic and financial support to organize a party open to all residents, please contact :

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