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Short-Term Guests Reservation Request

When you submit your application, one of two following responses will be sent to:
1. The accommodation you requested is available, your application is approved:
  • Your card is charged with the following amount accordingly to the rate (3 nights advance)
          CHF 156.-/186.- (room)
          CHF 300.-/330.- (studio)
  • A written confirmation will be sent by email
  • For each reservation canceled, an administrative fee of CHF 50 .- will be retained
2. Due to a lack of availability, your request can not be accepted:
  • No amount is debited
  • Credit card details are destroyed
  • A written message is sent by email
3. Groups request:
  • An offer will be sent before charging your card
  • Reservations are subject to availability of housing (no clustering or building choices are possible)
  • Prerequisite to qualify as a group: a single debtor, a single contact person and more than 10 people
A minimum period of 24 to 48 hours is required to process your request.

Enter a company name only if applicable

Students: Upon arrival, students will be required to show their student card.

Apprentices: Upon arrival, apprentices will be required to show their apprenticeship certificate issued by their employer.


Single room: 2 persons max. (1 standard bed + 1 extra bed), WC/bathroom and kitchen are SHARED, common on the floor

Studio (count is limited), WC/bathroom and kitchen are INSIDE the studio:

  • Individual studio: 2 persons max. (1 standard bed + 1 extra bed free)
  • Two beds studio: 3-4 persons max. (2/3 standard beds + 2/1 extra beds)


  • Group: minimum 8 beds
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Expiry date (MM.YYYY) /
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